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Lesbian Fiction Hall of Fame

As an author, I've been fortunate enough to receive some lovely feedback over the years. There's no better feeling than having readers express appreciation for my work.

After the Glitter Fades, Diane Marina

One of the reasons I enjoy these comments so much is because as a reader of lesbian fiction, I can relate to how it feels to be affected by reading a book. Books have made me laugh out loud and cry ugly tears. There are books in my library that I've read over and over - and over again. It takes a special book to stand the test of time and the scrutiny of multiple reads. Below are a few that rise to the top.

Wild Things by Karin Kallmaker

There is nothing I don't love about this book. I have read most if not all of Karin Kallmaker's work, but this one has been and will always be my favorite.

This novel has a wonderful mix of forbidden love (Faith Fitzgerald falls, and falls hard for the sister of the man she's dating), politics (Sydney Van Allen is running for office and from her past) and even a bit of history - with lots of angst. This story gets me every time, and I would love an audio version to add to my collection.

Just This Once by KG MacGregor

KG MacGregor is on a very short list of authors whose books I buy sight-unseen (meaning I don't bother reading the synopsis. I know the book will be good). This book though, is her absolute best, and it has a surprise that I never saw coming - my wife and I refer to this as "wait until you see what happens on page 98."

There's plenty of miscommunication and distrust, both of which create a fair share of drama. The characters are extremely likable, and you can't help but root for them to end up together. KG also gets an honorable mention for her novel Out of Love, another title I've read more than once.

Coming Attractions by Bobbi Marolt

Everything about this book is sublime - the story, the writing, the humor. Bobbi Marolt is a true artist, and crafts beautifully engaging tales. Coming Attractions is my favorite by this author, and my paperback copy is long-dogeared.

The book starts out in a slow, sexy burn (the popcorn scene!), but turns serious rather quickly. This is a superb, original story of coming out while in the spotlight. Here's an additional tip: read ALL of Bobbi Marolt's books. You'll be glad you did.

Blessed Twice by Lynn Galli

Lynn Galli is my all-time favorite author of lesbian fiction. Readers of Galli's books can always count on a well-written story, filled with humor and romance.

The main characters in this novel are two very broken souls - one is dealing with the death of a partner, the other, attempting to heal after years of abuse. The scenes between these two women are beautiful and at times heart-wrenching, making this book worthy of more than one read-through. Galli is another author I'd love to see producing audio books.

Right Here, Right Now by Georgia Beers

I'm convinced Georgia Beers likes making people cry and she does it extremely well (and I offer this as the highest of compliments). I've read quite a few books by this author, and she shines here, driving readers on a bumpy road before giving us a happy ending.

Pages for You by Sylvia Brownrigg

A (college) student/teacher coming of age story. The original Winter Jacket, and wonderfully done. I'm overdue to read this again. A must for every lesbian's bookshelf - and if you enjoy it, there's a sequel.

They Say She Tastes Like Honey by Michelle Sawyer

A true piece of fine lesbian literature, this novel was a 2003 Lambda Literary Award finalist - an honor richly deserved.

"Honey" follows Macy, a forty-something chic New York lesbian, who falls for a younger woman. You may think you've read a million books like this already, but trust me, you haven't.

I hope you'll read some - or all of these classics (0r soon-to-be classics) if you haven't already. Do you have others that should be added to the Lesbian Fiction Hall of Fame? I'd love to hear your suggestions.

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